How Best to Prepare for Undergraduate Study in Art, Design and Media

Nothing should stop you from pursuing your passion. If you are thinking about a career involving art, design, or something in the media (or all 3!), studying for a relevant undergraduate degree is a great way to go about it. Studying this in the UK is particularly attractive, give the cultural heritage in art and design, along with an established and innovative media sector.

However, you may not currently fulfil the entry requirements to study at undergraduate level at university right away, and may wish to study in the UK but do not speak English fluently. This is exactly what the International Foundation Programme in Art, Design, and Media was created for.

Study skills and contemporary issues in Art, Design and Media

The first semester of this course is more general, broadly covering art, design, and media, as well as developing your ability to study in the UK.

Crucially, these modules develop your study skills which are essential for successful undergraduate study. These include:

  • How to read and interpret academic texts
  • Improving communication skills
  • How to participate in lectures and seminars
  • Developing independence

The course will also aim to broaden your knowledge of what is going on around the world in the fields of art, design, and media, and what challenges these industries face. This means you’ll be developing your academic skills in the context of art, design and media each week.

Art, Design and Media specific modules

In the first of 2 modules unique to this Pathway, you’ll be introduced to the core skills required in art, design and media study through themed weekly sessions and a focus on experimentation. This progresses onto the second module, where you’ll choose your specialist area and begin producing a portfolio.

Both of these modules, through content, design briefs and project work, will be developing your ability to undertake undergraduate study. These core skills in art, design and media are common features in all undergraduate degrees.

Portfolios and assessments

This second module gives you the exciting opportunity to put together a portfolio based around your specialist subject. This can be fashion, fine art, textiles, animation, or design and will be a chance to showcase everything you have learnt in the first semester as well as your passion for the subject.

This portfolio will be a valuable asset during your academic career, with some undergraduate degrees requiring a portfolio as an entry requirement, and, potentially, your entrance into the working world.

Studying in Newcastle

There will be opportunities to go to events at the University, including exhibitions where you can see some of the work produced by undergraduate and postgraduate students. You can also take advantage of Newcastle’s many brilliant galleries to learn from practicing artists and real exhibitions.

If you are interested in studying an International Foundation Programme in Art, Design, and Media at Northumbria University Pathway, please visit the course page for more information.

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