6 Reasons You Should Study an International Foundation Programme

An International Foundation Programme from Northumbria University is your route to a full undergraduate degree. A 2 semester course that helps you to develop key skills before you progress, a foundation programme will help you to settle into life in the UK and gain fundamental skills for undergraduate-level study. Here are 6 solid reasons why you should study a foundation programme.

1. Learn fluent English

English is the world’s language of science, technology and business. With that in mind, and with the world becoming ever more interconnected, it’s vitally important for candidates to know English, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Undergraduate degrees at Northumbria University all have English language requirements, and our pathway foundation programmes include English language classes to develop your language skills for academic study.

2. Be supported

Our academics and support staff have years of experience working in the higher education sector, helping students from all around the world to achieve their goals, while having an enjoyable, comfortable student experience. If you would like to learn more about the student experience from some of our current students, visit our ‘Meet Our Students’ page.

3. Need to specialise?

If you are working towards joining a specialised undergraduate degree programme, Northumbria has a number of specifically designed foundation programmes tailored to your needs:

You can look at which is the most suitable pathway for you to go down here.

Regardless of the programme, you’ll learn the subject-specific key skills you will need for your undergraduate degree, as well as developing an awareness of student life within a UK-based university.

4. Looking for a different subject area?

The International Foundation Programme is a more general programme, giving you the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and research skills for an undergraduate degree programme in the following subject areas, if you don’t already fulfil the entry requirements:

  • Computing
  • English Language
  • Law
  • Media Production
  • Psychology
  • Sport

5. Perfect degree preparation

Studying an International Foundation Programme at Northumbria University will also mean that by the time you start your undergraduate degree at Northumbria University, you will have experience of living in Newcastle and studying with us. You will be familiar with our campus, our libraries and the city. You will be used to writing at a university level and will have a firm foundation upon which to succeed in your studies.

6. Adventure and explore

One of the greatest benefits of a foundation programme is that they enable you to travel to a different country in pursuit of a great education and the possibility of a future career in that country. If you live abroad and are looking for opportunities of studying, living and working in the UK, start by applying for a foundation programme at Northumbria University today.

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