International Year One - Business

12 or 9 months

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Response to Covid-19: Our focus is on providing a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students. Our priority is on ensuring continued access to learning.

As a result of Covid-19 and social distancing requirements, we are intending to teach this course using a mix of on-campus and online learning activities. More information about our response to Covid-19 and FAQs are available here.

All information is accurate at the time of sharing. Courses starting in 2022 are offered as a mix of face to face and online learning. We continue to monitor government and local authority guidance in relation to Covid-19 and we are ready and able to flex accordingly to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. Contact time is subject to increase or decrease in line with additional restrictions imposed by the government or the University in the interest of maintaining the health and safety and wellbeing of students, staff, and visitors, potentially to a full online offer, should further restrictions be deemed necessary in future. Our online activity will be delivered through Blackboard Ultra, enabling collaboration, connection and engagement with materials and people.


The  International Year One – Business is a degree preparation programme for international students who want to study on one of the many Northumbria University undergraduate business degrees, but don’t quite have the right entry qualifications to gain direct entry in to year one.

The programme is the equivalent of the first year of these undergraduate degrees and on successful completion of the International Year One, you will join directly into year two of your chosen programme of study. By choosing an International Year One you will still be able to complete your degree in three years.

Key facts

  • Develop your cultural awareness of studying in the UK as you integrate into student life
  • Equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree, upon successful completion, you will progress onto the second year of you chosen degree
  • You will develop the required business knowledge and skills equivalent to those studying the comparative 1st-year undergraduate degree on modules alongside enhanced academic skills
  • Progress onto a select amount of exciting undergraduate degrees at Northumbria University’s AACSB accredited Newcastle Business School, part of a select group of business schools worldwide, following accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in business and accounting – the first in Europe to gain the double accreditation
  • Benefit from continual assessment via portfolios throughout the year, supporting your gradual assimilation to learning at Northumbria
About this course

What will I study?

The programme has been designed especially for international students transferring to a UK university. You will study a combination of subject-specific business modules alongside an academic business skills module which will focus on teaching you the English language, study skills, employability and academic skills necessary to successfully pass the programme.

You will develop your ability to read and critically engage with a wide range of texts including journals and business magazines, whilst you build your capability to produce a variety of written and verbal critical responses.

Through investigating the theory and practice underpinning core business functions such as organisational management, supply chain and operations management, marketing and finance, you will understand the essential business knowledge and be ready to integrate into the second year of undergraduate study.

Alongside these business essential modules, you will study a range of contemporary business subjects, such as business analysis tools and techniques and understanding human resource management through the lens of ‘work psychology’, these industry relevant topics will take your business knowledge to the next level.

English term

For those of you who require additional English language support, you will study a longer programme that includes a term of English preparation.. The aim of this term is to improve your English language skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening alongside more academically focused skills such as critical analysis, reference and academic writing.

Study plan

IELTS Jul-Sept Oct-Dec Jan-Mar Apr-Jun July-Aug Sept
5.5 / 5.0 International Year One – Business
(12 month)

Summer break Start year 2 of your undergraduate degree at Northumbria University
5.5 / 5.0   International Year One – Business
(12 month)
5.5 / 5.5   International Year One – Business
(9 month)
Summer break
5.5 / 5.5     International Year One – Business
(9 month)

How will I be taught and assessed?

We have a deep understanding of how international students learn and we have found that the combination of increased tutor interaction, consistent assessment and academic and English support leads to success. That is why, to support learning and assimilation into university life, the number lecture and seminar hours are higher than on a standard undergraduate first year. This increased time in the classroom is to support your learning and the development of skills that most UK students already have.

Contact hours

  • 24 hours per week in seminars, lectures, tutorials and workshops.
  • study all your modules over three terms – giving you time to gradually build your skills and understanding of key concepts.

Self-study hours

  • 20 hours per week on independent study through self-directed learning making use of the University’s electronic learning portal Blackboard.
  • Scheduled independent learning week where, directed by your module tutor, you will work through study on your own research to broaden your academic knowledge and study for assessment.


  • Coursework and exams – including portfolios, essays, reports, reflection, poster presentation and group work.
  • Build up a portfolio of work throughout your whole module and receive feedback from your tutor as to how you are progressing helping you to improve each step of the way.
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In order to progress onto your chosen undergraduate degree, you must achieve 40%. Upon successful completion and subject to specific entry requirements, you can go on to join the second year of a select amount of business undergraduate degrees at Northumbria University.

Your target course
Business Management BA (Hons)

Academic requirements

  • Good High School Grades, or equivalent

We also accept the following:

  • China: Senior Middle 2 with a minimum average of 80% and Senior Middle school 3 with an average of 70% or higher
  • India: Standard XI 65% standard XII 55%
  • Nigeria: WAEC/SSCE with a minimum grade average of C(6)

For country-specific entry requirements, please check our Entry Requirements. Alternatively, please contact our team who will be able to help you.

English language requirements

There are multiple entry levels to the International Year One depending on your IELTS level:

  • 5.5 with no single subscore below 5.0, or equivalent, from a UKVI Approved Centre will study the 12-month programme*
  • 5.5 with no single subscore below 5.5, or equivalent, from a UKVI Approved Centre, will study the 9-month programme

If you do not meet the English language requirements for this programme, you may be eligible to join our English for University Studies before starting this programme.

*Please note: there is no combined CAS option for those studying the 12-month International Year One.

Age requirements

You must be over 17 years old

If you are under 18 at the start of International Year One you will need to include with your application a signed consent form by your parent or legal guardian. You can find a copy of this on our How to Apply page.

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12 month International Year One – Business students only

The purpose of this module is for you to engage in language and skills learning which will empower you to develop techniques to become a better language learner. This module will provide you with the skills and an understanding of the English required to achieve success in subsequent university assessments on both the credit bearing modules of the International Year One and your chosen undergraduate degree.

In addition to English, this module also contains some academic content relevant to business, providing an early opportunity to engage with your chosen business specialism.

All students will study the following modules:

All modules are core, unless otherwise stated. You will study 1 of the ‘Fundamentals of’ modules, which is dependent on your target degree.

This module provides you with an introduction to the theory and practice of management and the current issues facing managers in a dynamic environment. You will again an appreciation of how the academic thinking around people and organisations has developed over time and how an understanding of Organisational Behaviour links to that of managing people at work.

During weekly lectures you will study and research current management, leadership and organisational behaviour theories and by attending seminars you will explore and apply this understanding to real life case studies. You will acquire the knowledge and understanding to function in an organisation as a manager and leader, with the skills to motivate staff, manage performance and achieve individual, team and corporate objectives.

This module provides you with an understanding of global economies, the process of globalisation and their impact on international businesses. The module offers an essential knowledge base which will help you develop an understanding of the external business environment, in terms of institutions, markets, industries and organisations.

You will develop an understanding of the leading environmental issues and their interrelations towards the globalisation process. This module is highly relevant as there will increasing focus on ethical practices of organisations, many are adopting their approach to gain stakeholder approval which, in turn provides opportunities for success. The module encourages you to participate in debate, investigation and research to create independent thinking in this exciting area of business study.

A marketing degree will open many doors for you in your career, as it is an integral and in-demand job for organisations in all business sectors; it is a diverse field to work in and can have several remits, ranging from data based research and analysis of consumer behaviour to the development of strategies for selling and promoting a service or product to consumers.

This module provides you with a foundation to understand of the theories of marketing and how they can be applied across arrange of different business sectors, each with their own marketing requirements. You will develop both knowledge and the ability to apply it to different types of organisations using a variety of marketing tools, and developing employability skills.

Modern companies are engaged in a constant state of battle to compete in today’s hyper-competitive world and are facing demanding customers and ever more complex supply chains.

Through studying this module, you will develop knowledge; both practical and theoretical, and the skills to tackle real world business problems associated with operations, supply chain and marketing processes. Supply chains are the vessel for any business to make it effective and efficient, and Marketing deals with the customer facing activities including delivering the final product to the customer.

You will develop an understanding of the integration between the key departments of Operations, Supply Chain and Marketing and how they must interact and cooperate to achieve success. You will gain significant skills and knowledge of real world problem solving through case studies and research.

This module lays the foundation for further study in Human Resource Management (HRM) by introducing you to key work psychology concepts. You will be introduced to psychological theories and research findings and in doing so begin to understand how human behaviour can influence thoughts and perceptions alongside social interactions. To deepen your study there will be an opportunity for you to explore how historical and contemporary theory has influenced HRM practice.

By the end of this module you will be able to discuss and evaluate relevant work psychology theories that have impacted on the direction of HRM theory, research and application.

The module aims to develop your financial knowledge and numerical and problem solving skills in order to support informed and effective business decisions. You will be able to evaluate individual projects by using investment appraisal techniques, taking into account risk and uncertainty alongside developing competences to enhance your ability to make accurate decisions in relation to planning and control for a business as a whole. You will also be able to assess the performance of businesses in regards to their profitability, solvency, financial structure and working capital management by means of analysing and interpreting their financial statements and importantly

Through the interpretation of accounts, you will learn how to calculate key measures such as profitability, liquidity, and activity to assess business performance and most importantly translate these indicators into meaningful information for key stakeholders. These skills are highly valued by employers are they demonstrate the ability to apply financial information to the real world problems faced by businesses.

This module provides you with an introduction to the theory and practice of management and the current issues facing managers in a dynamic environment. You will again an appreciation of how the academic thinking around people and organisations has developed over time and how an understanding of Organisational Behaviour links to that of managing people at work.

During weekly lectures you will study and research current management, leadership and organisational behaviour theories and by attending seminars you will explore and apply this understanding to real life case studies. You will acquire the knowledge and understanding to function in an organisation as a manager and leader, with the skills to motivate staff, manage performance and achieve individual, team and corporate objectives.

This module will enable you to do two things: firstly to perform better across the range of modules in the International Year One; and secondly to develop a range of key academic skills for success.

The module will develop your ability to read and critically evaluate a wide range of texts including journals, business magazines, data sets and online information. It will then equip you with the ability to produce different types of written and oral responses such as reports, short-paragraph responses, presentations, visual representations (i.e. graphs and charts) or posters. You will develop critical responses to what you read and then use this to create ideas, recommendations and responses based on evidence.

The module will prepare you for the academic skills required to put all of the above into practice both within the module and across the whole International Year One programme.

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Tuition fee 2021/22

  • IELTS 5.5 with no subscore below 5.0 (12 month)*: £20,000
  • IELTS 5.5 with no subscore below 5.5 (9 month): £16,000

Tuition fee 2022/23

  • IELTS 5.5 with no subscore below 5.0 (12 month): £20,500
  • IELTS 5.5 with no subscore below 5.5 (9 month): £16,500

Please note that your tuition fees do not include the cost of course books that you may choose to purchase, stationery, printing and photocopying, accommodation, living expenses, travel or any other extracurricular activities. As a Northumbria University Pathway student, you will have full access to our online digital library with over 400,000 e-books and 50,000 electronic journals.

You may wish to purchase personal copies of certain texts, in which case you should budget for approximately £50 to purchase the essential reading and up to £100 for the recommended reading.

* 12-month programme does not run in 2021/22 academic year

Scholarships and bursaries for international students

Depending on the country you are from, you may be eligible for a country bursary and/or scholarship when studying this programme.

All of our scholarships and bursaries are automatically applied when we process your application and one of our team will be able to confirm your eligibility.

Scholarships and bursaries

Payment plans

If you need support to spread the cost of your tuition, you may be eligible for our payment plan.

Payment plans

How to find out more

Enquire now to find out more information about the International Year One, studying with us, the application process, and to have any other questions you have.

Enquire now

How to apply

When you are ready, you can apply via a PDF application form to study the International Year One – Business. You can download a PDF application form and email it to

Download an application form

When applying you will need to choose the undergraduate degree course that you intend to progress on to after your International Year One – Business and you must state this on the application form.

If you are accepted you will receive one offer letter for the International Year One – Business followed by the appropriate degree programme. Once you have successfully completed the International Year One – Business and achieved the required grades, you can gain direct admission onto your chosen degree at Northumbria.

We strongly recommend that you submit your application as early as possible to allow you to complete all of the preparations needed to study your programme. After receiving your offer it can take time to arrange your finances and apply for your visa (if required) and it is important that you arrive in good time to enrol on to your course. Please refer to the Dates and Fees page.

Supporting documents

For us to assess your application in a timely manner, it is important that you provide us with the following documents:

  • Fully completed application form
  • Personal email address must be included on the application form
  • Transcripts and/or certificates (including a certified translation if not in English)
  • Passport – copy of personal details page
  • Proof of financial sponsorship if applicable
  • Reference
  • Confirmation of immigration history including copies of previous and current visas if applicable

You can check more information on how to apply here, including guidelines for the application forms.

Course information

Level of study:
International Year One
International Fee:
£20,000 (12-month)
£16,000 (9-month)
Leads to:
Undergraduate degrees in Business (starting in the second year)
Entry requirements:
Good High School Grades, or equivalent
IELTS requirements:
From IELTS 5.5 with no element less than 5.0, or equivalent, from a UKVI Approved centre
12 or 9 months
Class hours per week:
Assessment methods:
Coursework and exams
Scholarship or bursaries:
Payment plan:
January, October, July 2022
Next application deadline:
25 November 2021
testimonial image
testimonial image

“The lecturers are really friendly and explain things thoroughly. If I do not fully understand things, they will explain things clearly until they are confident that I know all the information I need to complete my assignments.”

Adebayo Abdulganiyu Mustapha
International Foundation Programme

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