Khalid Aljimy

Khalid Aljimy


International Foundation Programme – Engineering

Why did you choose to study the IFP in Engineering?

I enjoy the Mathematics, algebra and trigonometry. The tutor has helped me. I find the tutor very friendly and funny which helps me to engage.

What do you like most about your course?

If we want anything or if there’s anything I don’t understand, I always feel comfortable asking for help. My English language teacher, Jenny, always makes her classes entertaining. The university really helps with the learning process, and makes sure that we are up to date with parts of our study we may have fallen behind on. My class is full of a range of people and a lot of people from my country who I can relate to.

How have you found studying at Northumbria University?

One of my favourite experiences so far has been learning how to work in a group and make new friends who share their knowledge and ideas with me, which helps me to understand the course better.

I like that I have a lot of choices in my career after studying at Northumbria University as it has a great reputation for business and engineering.

My friends told me Northumbria University has really good modern facilities and it really does. Northumbria University has great facilities which enable me to apply my learning. I have met new friends and found the best teachers.

testimonial image
testimonial image

“I chose Northumbria because of the sponsorship that the Kuwaiti Embassy provided and my friends who highly recommended the University to me. The studying facilities are fantastic and the timetabling is great because it allows me to take advantage of my free time here, which is often filled with extra-curricular activities on campus.”

Saleh T S A M Aldamkhi
International Foundation Programme - Engineering

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