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Hajar Salah Al Haddad

Hajar Salah Al Haddad


International Foundation Programme – Business

Why did you choose to study at Northumbria University Pathway?

The reason why I chose Northumbria University due to its well-known business and law school. As I could not join year 1, I applied for the one year foundation programme.

What do you like most about the University?

The studies – in my English modules we have a competition between all the students and that makes learning English fun. My English has really improved, particularly my writing skills.

The campus – the building where I study is quiet so it has a relaxed atmosphere, but the student union is very lively. I spend a lot of time in the library and as it is open 24/7 its very convenient.

My modules are marked in a way which is very clear. Each assignment is broken down and it is marked fairly.  It is also very easy to get feedback from my tutors. My tutors are all very nice and helpful and will explain things thoroughly if you don’t understand.

The people – Geordies are kind and friendly.  Everybody helps each other and work together.

How have the University, lecturers and resources helped you to overcome any challenges?

When I first came to Newcastle I needed to improve my English. The English classes were a challenge but were fun and I worked hard to achieve the grades I wished to achieve.

 What do you hope to take away from your University experience?

Basically everything I experienced since the very beginning. I really enjoyed my time and would encourage anyone to study at Northumbria.

What three words would you use to describe the University?

A Successful Future.

testimonial image
testimonial image

“I absolutely love Newcastle, there is so much to do and so many students. The campus is beautiful and there are loads of facilities where I can do extra-curricular activities around my studies.”

Christiane Zom A Iroume
International Foundation Programme - Business

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