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Ahmed Mohammed

Ahmed Mohammed


International Foundation Programme – Engineering

What made you decide to study at Northumbria University?

I chose to come to this university as I have friends who come here and they recommended it to me. I did have a look at others, but from what I saw, Northumbria had the highest rating.

What do you like about Northumbria University?

I like the culture and diversity here. You get to meet people from all different countries and they’re really friendly.

Why did you choose Engineering as your programme?

I think that if you are going to study something then you need to think of the future and what that can hold. For example, we are starting to see more robotics fill certain roles now, but for what I am studying, that’s not looking very likely to happen.

I went into engineering because I wanted to build stuff. I like creating new things and finding solutions to a problem.

How would you say Northumbria University has impacted you?

I think from being here I have become a more sociable person as I am now always around people and I make more friends.

Tell us about your experience on your programme so far

Well, in the beginning I was a bit stressed as I didn’t know what to expect, but I began to feel more comfortable mid-semester and that was thanks to my lecturers. Their way of teaching is not like a traditional way of teaching; our lecturer likes to teach in a more open way by getting us to work in groups which I feel improves our standard of coursework.

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