Living Costs at University

You have been accepted to study at university, you’re ready and excited to learn, make new friends, and enjoy everything that the student experience has to offer you. But, before you go, there are a few practicalities to think about.

We want everyone to have a fun and productive time with us. To help you know exactly what to expect and plan for your time as a Pathway Student at Northumbria, we’ve put together a rough guide of monthly expenses. These may vary depending on your circumstances, but it’s a good place to start.

Rent and bills

Your accommodation will likely be your biggest expense. As you would expect, rent prices in Newcastle vary depending on area and quality. You should expect to be paying around £335 – £715 a month.

It is usually best to start out with student accommodation, especially if you don’t know the city. You’ll find that it’s more cost effective and also better for meeting fellow classmates. You can expect to pay up to £100 per month in utilities (heating, electricity, gas etc.) if you are in an apartment on your own, although much less if you are sharing.


monthly transport ticket in Newcastle costs £59 and should be all you need to get around the city.

Books and stationery

This cost will vary depending on the course you are taking. For most of our programmes the course texts are provided through the library. Though if you wish to have your own books, look out for students selling books second-hand as this can be a cheaper way to get the materials you need.

Entertainment and socialising

Remember that there are price concessions for students everywhere – from clothes shops to cinemas. Empire Cinemas offers an off-peak price of £6 tickets to students. In addition, entry to most museums and galleries in the city is free – or else the cost is greatly reduced for students. Other than that, allow between £125 – £275 per month for socialising.

A typical shopping trip

There are plenty of low-cost supermarkets near the campus and university accommodation which you can use. Your average weekly shop will cost around £30, but this figure varies between person to person and depends on lifestyle.

Other expenses

You may occasionally have other expenses to take into consideration. These could be clothing, medication if you are ill, electronic goods, or gym membership. With a little research you can anticipate what these costs might be.

It’s important to keep in mind that UKVI, at the time of publishing (January 2020), requires you to budget £1,015 a month for living costs outside of London up to a maximum of nine months and then up to £9,135 for a course lasting nine months or more.

If you have any queries or concerns prior to starting your course, you can also contact us at Northumbria University Pathways.

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